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Peter Struycken… multiple structuur 67


Yesterday i listed the Peter Struycken publication Structuur 67 on the site and found this publication surprisingly mature.


The publication was published in the mid sixties and the only dutch museum that did something ” special ” with their publications at that time , was the Stedelijk Museum, however this publication shows that the Haags Gemeentemuseum knew about the importance of good design and because the artist himself did the design, an excellent and collectable multiple was published. The Structuur 67 consists om several silkscreened sheets , all bundled within one see through cover , making together a constructivist composition. One of the first special Struycken publications , which would be followed by many more. Struycken always had his special wishes regarding most of his publications which resulted in highly collectable “multiple” items. The monograph which was published some years ago gives an excellent overview of these publications.

Struycken is an artist who will become increasingly more important each year and now is the time to collect his works and special publications.


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Irma Boom and Renault

The day before yesterday i read an article about the newly designed book for Renault…design by Irma Boom…and my immediate thought was …how can i get hold of this important title for my private collection. It will be a difficult task , but maybe if i say something nice about the new Renault line of cars , designed by Laurens van den Acker this would help?

I never noticed Renault cars until lately i saw a new design line emerge Captur , Kadgar, Megane  and Talisman could all be recognized as Renault’s, but what struck me most is that the design elements designed by van den Acker could be found in each of these models….and honestly these are great looking cars and the Talisman Estate has one of the best designs of the contemporary estate cars available.

Irma Boom translated these new Renault designs into a book worth collecting ( not for sale). The pages resemble paper thin aluminium, the cover can be polished and the design is breath taking.

So which Renault dealer can help me with this important publication and can make me a happy collector? For the one who helps me with this,

i have a nice Irma Boom book available to trade for it.

By the way…i did not know it, but the iconic Renault logo is designed by Victor Vasarely.

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Joost Swarte…editor in chief of SCRATCHES

Yesterday morning in the V part of the Volkskrant the new graphic magazine SCRATCHES was announced with a special cover drawn by Joost Swarte. The new magazine on graphic art will be launched at the Frankfurter Buchmesse ( starts on 19/10) .Contributions by Swarte himself, Nijstad, Tak , Wasco and Herr Seele make this one of the most anticipated new magazines to be launched. The price of SCRATCHES will be eur0 29,90

for more information visit :

And for vintage and collectable Swarte publications visit

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