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LOGOGRAMAS (1966) by Pedro Xisto

An excellent publication which is a crossover between artist book, typography and design. Pedro Xisto chose the name LOGOGRAMAS= Logograms in which logo stands for “soon” and amas=you love.

The book contains 8 logograms on a 16 page publication and is one of a series of publications in the mid sixties which had as subject Visual Poetry. This Brazilian publication stands out because this one is executed as an artist book. I tried to find another copy , but could not find another one….so my guess is this is the only one available at the moment.

Pedro Xisto (1901 -1987) is very well known for these Logograms and with a Google search you can find numerous of these, but this book is a hard to find and very rare publication. On top….it is dedicated and signed by Pedro Xisto

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